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We provide Tax Preparation and Tax Planning for Individuals and Small Business, Accounting, Payroll and Online CFO Services within a responsive, respectful and cordial environment.

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We provide the Tax, Accounting and Consulting services that help Individuals and Small Businesses reach their financial goals.

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We enjoy working with those in the Construction and Real Estate industries - from Engineers to Tradesmen and Investors to Agents.





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Whether you are looking for a new accounting firm to prepare your taxes or if this is the first time you venture out to have someone professionally prepare your taxes we understand that this can be an uncomfortable process. We'll do our best to make it as pleasant an experience as possible. Click on the button below and schedule a call, web conference, or an in person meeting to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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Passionate, committed, and determined to provide you high quality and responsive Tax, Accounting and Consulting services.

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Mauricio A Martinez, EA

CEO & co-Founder
Longmont Phone: +1 303 772 1577
Los Gatos Phone: +1 408 599 7985

Three reasons to choose Us

Beyond the Tax and Accounting services, Hawkins & Martinez tries to go further by providing all these within a highly responsive, respectful and cordial environment.


We respond to emails and phone calls within what our clients consider a very reasonable time frame. Some of our clients are impressed we respond at all given the poor experiences they have had with other firms!


You have our promise that we will never shame you for what is or is not in your tax records. Life happens. We consider each of our clients a unique person, and we accept everyone wherever they are at the moment.


Our clients notice the pleasant atmosphere of our office. You will notice we greet you with a smile and do our best to make you smile, if not laugh. It really does make a difference and takes some of the stress away from the tax preparation experience.

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From one of the founders

Whether you want to build wealth through a career as an employee or as a small business owner you need two plans. One that helps you to earn as much as you want and the other that helps you keep as much as you can. With our business and tax planning services we can help you build both. Give us a call. We'll show you how.

Mauricio A Martinez, EA
CEO of Hawkins & Martinez